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Hot Tubs in Hartford, CT

Now that you’ve decided that you want a Hot Tub – you’ll want to make the investment in the right Hot Tub – Choose from the best -Artic Spas and Coyote Brand Hot Tubs and Spas at Fire Finesse. At Fire Finesse we’ll help you select the right Hot Tub for you. If you live in the Hartford county or surrounding counties, stop by and invest in yourself today and start becoming a better you for yourself and loved ones.
Please take a moment to watch this video about our hot tubs to understand more about the high quality of our hot tub products, brand and services!

A Hot Tub is a Great Family Investment

In busy day to day lifestyles a soothing break in a Hot Tub can help reduce anxiety and help transition from the workday to home life. With a Hot Tub right in your backyard you’re just moments away with relaxing with a loved one, family or taking the time to recover from a hard days work and get back to yourself.

Choosing the right Hot Tub will help add style and beauty to your backyard for years to come.

Relaxation, Stress Reducing, Therapeutic, Romantic, Family Time, Healing – just a few words that describe the benefits of a hot tub.

More about the Arctic Spas Company

Arctic Spas ® was founded in 1994. The ownership group is a unique group of guys, having all grown up on farms and in small rural communities of western Canada, where the value of your word far outweighed your commercial success. We have carried those same values through the entire culture of our business. We pride ourselves on listening and supporting our customers, dealers and employees alike. Visit our showrooms or our factories and speak with anyone, it is obvious we all take providing the best product and service in the industry very seriously.We have always been known for our product quality and innovation.

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