Hot Tub Ready for Winter? FreeHeat™ Can Help!
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Hot Tub Ready for Winter? FreeHeat™ Can Help!

by | Oct 27, 2022

If you live in a colder climate, you already know that preparing your hot tub for those cold winter months without spending more money on your energy bill might feel daunting. So, is your hot tub ready for winter? Arctic Spas® feature FreeHeat™ Perimeter Insulation System helps reduce heat loss and conserves energy thus lowering the cost of your energy bill, here’s how.

Self-Supporting Shell

You wouldn’t purchase a home without proper insulation, so your spa should be the same. Ensuring that you are able to retain as much heat as possible will help you remain energy efficient and keep your energy bills down.

A proprietary heat transferring, no VOCs, composite material called Elastocast™ is sprayed on the shell to give steadfast structural integrity to protect all the equipment, plumbing and parts of your tub. Many retailers will spray foam directly onto the pipe. If you look at how your home is built, the pipes are on the interior of the wall, while the insulation is on the outer walls. We designed our tubs the same way.

composite HULL shell

This environmentally responsible way of building a spa shell allows us to take advantage of our Northern Insulation Heatlock® system.

The “attic” of our design is our Mylovac cover, made with a new material technology that promotes the longevity of the foam cover. At an astounding 5” thick and featuring a full length baffle, the Mylovac cover can add years onto your cover’s lifespan, and is particularly useful in areas that have heavy snowfall.


Lowest Running Costs

Saving money sounds good, doesn’t it? Especially during those winter months with rising energy costs. Don’t sacrifice the health benefits of a relaxing soak, make sure you have an energy-efficient spa designed so that you can keep soaking.

The electrical equipment in your model creates heat. Other retailers have vents in the cabinet to release this heat which is wasteful. Our models do not have vents, and actually use the water to act as a heat sink, drawing it away from the equipment and heating the water much like a hybrid car.

In order to monitor the increased capacity for trapping waste heat, we have enabled our spa packs to take in internal cabinet temperature data and to activate the innovative RossExhaust™ system to balance the cabinet temperature when required. No other tub in the world has this system.

Another added benefit of an Arctic Spas® hot tub, is that they are equipped with high flow energy efficient motors. These motors draw little amperage while still providing high flow water to continue to provide you with those relaxing massages you deserve. So dip in, relax, and don’t worry about those winter energy bills.


True Freeze Protection

Although we hope this never happens, unfortunately sometimes power outages do occur. This is why we have thought of everything, and in the event this does happen, our design also includes the ability of being able to use the spa water to heat your cabinet.

Through our own testing, and from anecdotal evidence, you have about 7 days, at -20ºC before freezing occurs within the cabinet once the power shuts off. Without insulation between the water and your cabinet, heat energy transfer can work in both directions. Having a back up plan for instances like this provides peace of mind during those cold months!

freeheat whith notes

Your Hybrid Heating Solution

Having a self-supporting outer shell with the proper design and amount of insulation will protect your equipment, plumbing, and parts from the elements. If in fact you do have a power outage (we hope this does not happen), having an added safety measure in place with true freeze protection will keep your mind at ease.

Lower running costs with high flow energy efficient pumps are a game changer when it comes to those energy bills. All of these contributing factors will allow you to easily maintain your hot tub during those winter months!

You can keep your spa at a comfortable temperature, even when it’s freezing outside and continue to take those relaxing soaks; even when it’s cold outside you can be whisked away to those tropical temperatures you desire with Arctic Spas® feature FreeHeat™.