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Enhance your hot tub experience: Aquatremor®

by | Nov 3, 2022

Arctic Spas® hot tubs integrate comfort with technology with our Bluetooth-enabled music streaming systems. If you’re looking to upgrade your experience, the Aquatremor® Stereo System is a great option. It’s available on all of our Custom Series models.

Aquatremor® Sound Technology

With many different features available, a good sound system might be one of the most important decisions. The basis of Aquatremor® sound technology is the use of tactile transducers rather than speakers.

These transducers are bonded to the shell and cabinet and drive sound through both solids and liquids with incredible clarity. This effectively turns the spa shell, the cabinet and the spa water into the “speaker”.


As we all know, our bodies are mainly composed of water, so sound waves pass through your body. As you soak in your hot spa, listening to your favorite track, you will not only hear it, you will feel it! Sounds amazing, doesn’t it!?

All of your music can be streamed from any Bluetooth-enabled device straight to your spa. This allows you to control the music safely from your home sound system or smartphone (in a waterproof case of course).


Aquatremor® Seat

Are you a music lover who enjoys relaxing in a comfortable chair? Now… imagine combining those with a hot soak in your backyard.

Every Arctic Spas® tub is ready for an Aquatremor® Seat upgrade. This allows the music lover the most direct connection to the music possible. Music has long since been known as a way to connect people. So whether you’re entertaining friends, or you’re spending time with family you can enhance this experience with water therapy and music with Aquatremor®.


Vibroacoustic Massage

Hot tub massages are one of the greatest benefits of owning a tub. Imagine laying back and feeling the soothing vibration of a low-frequency tune while you do it.

With our downloadable vibroacoustic massage you can now enjoy your hot soak and soothing massage from your backyard. These massaging audio tracks uses low-frequency tones to massage different muscle groups. All of our bodies are complex and require different massages, and with our massaging audio tracks, you have the ability to choose where you need it most.

So sit back, relax, and soothe your sore muscles after a hard day at work, or an intense workout with our vibroacoustic massage!

The Aquatremor® stereo system will allow you to step up your backyard spa game and enjoy more time relaxing with your friends and family all year round.

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